Still Perplexed about Your Purpose ?  

Are you just getting started? Want to grow your purpose? or use your purpose to impact the next generation? 

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Find Your Purpose

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so CONGRATULATIONS! you have already taken that first step by jumping into this space. Click below to get rolling right away.

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Master Your Purpose

Once you start working in your purpose, you will find some areas where you naturally and organically get the most joy.  This is your Sweet (or Suite) Spot. Put more of your time and energy here and get rewarded.

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Sow Your Purpose

Undoubtedly there are others out there who need what you carry; they need a mentor or a coach to help them navigate thru the stages of purpose finding and purpose making. You can help!

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I am convinced of this One Thing...

He who has begun a good work in you, will perfect and complete it.

Ready. Set. BEGIN!

Finding your purpose is not merely about setting goals, but about finding out who you are and why you are here in the terra firma. 

Who are You Really?

at the core? What makes you tick, afraid, happy, sad? who or what determines your identity?

Why are you here?

You are not here by accident - but if you never find your WHY, you will never be truly fulfilled.

Need Course Correction?

Everyone gets off track from purpose at one point or another...

Not sure which campaign  (BEGIN, GROW or TEACH) is right for you? 

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 Go. GROW!

You are ready for growth once you have perfected or mastered your craft - and you would do it even if you were not being paid.

Service or Product?

You're multi-talented, multi-faceted - should you choose to GROW a product or a service?  There are 3 inddicators. Take the Acid Test;

Who are your people?

Those people who have been there for you through thick and thin; your tribe and community are there to support your growth.

Sell something!

Whether its your course, a product or service - the digital economy is poised to purchase from any device, anytime. The world awaits your gifts and talents.

 Please. TEACH!

You are ready to TEACH when you have an insatiable desire to share your knowledge and help others who are walking the same path you did years or even months ago.  Your gift is now ready to make room for you.

Design Your Course or Program

Course mapping and curriculum design is an Art as well as a Science. Get plenty of advice (before) and feedback (after)

What's the best Tech?

Should you open a Shopify store or create a WIX site? or should you for a high-end Course Delivery site such as Teachable, Thinkific or Kajabi?

Done for You Resources

Similar to the concept of wholesaling - Done for You or Private Label resources allows you to rebrand and resell products and courses made by others.

Not sure which campaign  (BEGIN, GROW or TEACH) is right for you? 

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A Note from Our CEO, CFO, CAO 

"I have placed gifts and talents inside you that are intended to GROW and be SOWN in the earth.

My commission to Be Fruitful (filled with life-giving seed) and multiply (the seed) and replenish (restore & renew) and subdue (order & establish) in Genesis was not merely referring to the spritual realm, but especially the natural realm. 

Abraham was a man of faith but was also rich in goods, in cattle, in herd and had a huge staff following him wherever I led him.

Isaac was so rich, the King asked him to leave the land because he was accumulating too much "stuff" and made the rest of the people (including him) look bad.

I am looking for change-makers, innovators, problem solvers for the earth's maladies in 2021.

What will you Build?
What will you Curate?
What will you Develop?
What will you Produce,

Whom will you touch with the WONDER which I placed inside you?

You were made for such a time as this! You are MADE for  WONDER!!"

The Wonderful One (aka Pappa God, All Powerful, All Wise, Alpha, Omega, Prince of Peace, Extraordinary Strategist, God of Heaven Armies, too many other titles to list)